Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Behind the Scenes with The Local Palate

With recipes that make your mouth water, table settings that are elegantly divine, articles and gatherings and spreads that make you want to be at that particular party and not to mention the photographs to follow suit, The Local Palate highlights some of The South's best features. Based out of Charleston, this new publication is already boasting a fine Southern pedigree.

I am so honored they asked to showcase my upcoming book, A Time to Cook, with a photo shoot and article for their spring issue! We chose a classically Southern setting at Palmetto Bluff and recipes from my book. Mix in some Spanish moss and unseasonably warm weather, well, we just had ourselves a fine time y'all! I cannot wait for this article to come to fruition, but y'all check out their latest issue and past issues too for your own dose of Dixie- Local Palate style!


  1. Everything is beautiful. Would love to be on the guest list.

  2. YUM JAMES.... everything is stunning love the mixing of the china and of course your flowers! Can't wait for a time to eat! haha

  3. Locale palate has been described by you. The information given by you is noteworthy

  4. It has been a long day but I enjoyed it. Loved the locale palate!


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