Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview with Jackie K. Cooper

If y'all don't have the pleasure of calling Jackie K. Cooper your friend, well then folks, y'all are missing out! He's the guru of movie reviews, a famed author and a family friend. Yet...

Jackie is not only a family friend (he and Granddaddy are in the same lunch bunch... along with a lawyer and a judge so their group sounds like a joke of them all in a rowboat going somewhere.) Anyways... Moving forward, Jackie is also my friend.

I count folks like JKC as quite special friends, since they are not only friends with the generations before me, but also friends with me. As a youngen', it makes you feel special when your grandparents' friends befriend you. Multigenerational friends I think are the very fabric that make Southern society so delightful and integral to our heritage. Thank you JKC for being MY friend... And Grandaddy's too!

Here's an interview Jackie conducted with me at my shop and office on Carro Street, downtown Perrydise. Thank you Jackie for this fun time together, and I'm looking forward to our next chat. I'm sure it'll involve lunch somewhere good!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Akin to a baker's dozen, my Farmer's Dozen is a quantity of a dozen or so questions - a series of questions with fellow designers, authors, tastemakers, friends and Southerners alike. 

 Farmer’s Dozen: Allison Hennessy

1) You were named one of Traditional Homes Top 10 New Trad Designers for 2012. In these days of contemporary modern designs, how do you encourage clients to adopt your style (which is like mine: traiditional, comfortable, yet chic)?
Even with the push in the Design Industry to take more risks and go contemporary, there still is a substantial demographic of clients---both young and old---that prefer a more traditional look. I’ve also found that many clients who are looking for that modern slant tend to gravitate towards what I like to call Updated Classics, and by that I mean design that is, at its core, very traditional but still extremely functional and never outdated looking. I feel that great design---like fashion---should stand the test of time and that means blending the tried-and-true with fun modern inspirations.

Foyer in an Atlanta home I decorated; photo credit: Emily Followill.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Local Palate

Y'all it's out! My article in The Local Palate.
I posted about behind the scenes here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Savannah Magazine

Savannah… ahhhhhhhh! Just the sound of the name makes this Farmer relax. Georgia’s historical heartbeat and a jewel of the Golden Coast, Savannah has sirened many a Southerner with her moss cloaked oaks, luscious gardens, stately architecture, fantastic shopping and of course, its food, fashion and Forsyth Park… not to mention all the other parks too!

To be featured in Savannah Magazine is truly an honor. Ya’ll take a gander at this spot and get down to Savannah soon! I know I will! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Interveiw

Huge thanks to Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles for a fantastic interview. Thanks for having me!

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