Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

There's so much to love about a new year--and, for this Farmer, it's almost always all about good food shared with the people I love. 

This year, I braised thick cut pork chops with collard greens, chicken stock, and garlic. 

We also made a big ole pot of black eyed peas. 

We've got cornbread in the oven now and we'll finish it off with a ginger molasses cake for dessert. 

From this Farmer's home to yours, Happy New Year! 


  1. Not crazy about collard greens so I have cabbage with my black eyed peas. Couldn't begin the new year without 'em

  2. I cooked a big crock pot of black eyed peas and they were delicious! They had diced jalapeno and cumin that was music to the black eyed peas flavor. Yum! Great photos and happy new year.


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