Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yours Truly in Woman's Day Mag

Hey y'all, yours truly is featured in the March issue of Woman’s Day. The topic - WREATHS! of course. The article is about transforming basic wreaths into beautiful spring decorations. And they give a shout out to my book, Wreath for All Seasons.

Y'all look for me. 

Thank you, Woman's Day

Monday, January 28, 2013

American Camellia Society Spokesperson

This Farmer has been named the first ever national spokesperson for the American Camellia Society. Truly, I'm honored. For more info, y'all check out this article here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

FARMER’S DOZEN: Clinton Smith

Akin to a baker's dozen, my Farmer's Dozen is a quantity of a dozen or so questions - a series of questions with fellow designers, authors, tastemakers, friends and Southerners alike.

Clinton Smith is an award-winning journalist with more than a decade’s worth of experience covering the fields of interior design, style, architecture, travel and other lifestyle-related topics. A native Texan, Smith currently serves as the editorial director of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine. He is a graduate of the The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

 FARMER’S DOZEN: Clinton Smith

1. Tell us about growing up in Texas. How has that influenced your
style and your work?
Maybe it's because Texas was its own country at one point in history,
but part of the Texas mystique is that anything is possible there,
especially if you have a can-do attitude. From an early age, Texans
are told that they can do whatever they want if they put their minds
to it. Somewhere along the way, that sort of confidence was instilled
in me. Texans celebrate independent spirits.

2. If you were a color, what would you be and why?
Blue, without a doubt. I love nothing more than a clear blue sky.

3. What are some of your favorite heirlooms? What do you love about
them? How have you incorporated them into your decor?
My collection of vintage magazines is my favorite heirloom. I'm pretty
specific about what I buy, but the magazines are only incorporated
into my decor in so much as they take up valuable closet space!

4. What's your favorite room in your home?
My living room and bedroom. There isn't anything in my house that
doesn't have a story, whether it's the faux bois bowl I bought in
London, the dining table I bought at auction while still in college,
the porcelain I found at a market in Beijing or the great side table I
got at a scratch-and-dent sale.

5. We both love to eat, and ATL has no shortage of terrific
restaurants. Whether its a bar, a restaurant, a farmer's market, or a
food truck, where would you send a first time visitor to eat in the ATL?
Oh, gosh. Where do I start? I'm such a creature of habit myself. For a
fresh take on Southern cuisine, Miller Union never disappoints. JCT
has a fun outdoor bar area. The food truck park on Howell Mill is
great on summer evenings when it doesn't get dark until 9 o'clock.
And, since I grew up in Texas, salsa verde runs through my veins. I
still eat Mexican food three times a week. Taqueria del Sol is a
unique concept that, surprisingly, many other cities still don't have.
I always love Star Provisions for a lemon bar or another sweet treat.

6. Where is your favorite get-a-way?
This might be the most difficult question. Living in Atlanta, we are
spoiled by an amazing airport, and I take full advantage of it! But as
much as I like to go, when I return from a trip I'm always reminded of
the great quality of living we're afforded in Atlanta. It's hard to
beat. For the past two summers, when the heat and humidity got
unbearable, I spent a little bit of time in Colorado. I swear that the
altitude allows me to think more clearly.

7. How would you describe Atlanta's style?
It's constantly evolving. It's grounded in classic design, but there's
definitely a contemporary influence now that's impossible to ignore.
Just when you think you have Atlanta style figured out, it changes—and
that's a good thing.

8. What was the last meal you made in your home? Who did you share it with?
The last meal I put together was my breakfast—a hard boiled egg, a cup
of greek yogurt and half of an avocado with sea salt, cracked pepper
and a spritz of lemon. Every day. And since its wintertime, citrus is
so good right now, so I had half of a blood orange, as well. And
always coffee, which I drink until noon.

9. I have a handsome orange tabby cat named Talousse. He is pretty
dapper if I may say so. Tell me about your cats--I always see their
antics on Facebook.
I have two Maine Coon cats, Lady Bird and Sam Houston. With names like
that, you know I have to be from Texas! Their breed is quite hearty
and is known for having some dog-like characteristics. They're very
smart. Sam Houston will fetch a ball over and over and over again, and
Lady Bird loves being in and around water. They're crazy.


10. Who inspires you?
My mother.

11. What's your favorite article that you've produced and/or written
about for the magazine? What was it about that story that made it so
great to you?
The most rewarding stories are the ones where the homeowner had a
specific vision and was able to see it fully executed. Whether it's a
contemporary house filled with cutting-edge art or a sweet cottage
with heirloom antiques, the style doesn't matter. The fact that their
dreams were fully realized is all that matters.

12. Do you have a favorite ATL neighborhood?
Buckhead is great for shopping and dining. Midtown for more eating
out, as well as its walkability. Druid Hills for Sunday Drives.
Decatur for its small-town feeling, less than 10 miles from downtown
Atlanta. Plus, we are so lucky to have unspoiled places like
Sweetwater Creek State Park, Stone Mountain and the Chattahoochee
River nearby.

13. What's on your coffee table right now?
A Diane Von Furstenberg red lacquer tray, blue agate coasters and a
Cire Trudon candle. In the springtime, I always try to have fresh
flowers. I love peonies. If you had asked me last week, the answer
would have been disheveled piles of garden and design books. But the
stacks got so tall, I was having to peek over them to see the TV!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Behind the Scenes with The Local Palate

With recipes that make your mouth water, table settings that are elegantly divine, articles and gatherings and spreads that make you want to be at that particular party and not to mention the photographs to follow suit, The Local Palate highlights some of The South's best features. Based out of Charleston, this new publication is already boasting a fine Southern pedigree.

I am so honored they asked to showcase my upcoming book, A Time to Cook, with a photo shoot and article for their spring issue! We chose a classically Southern setting at Palmetto Bluff and recipes from my book. Mix in some Spanish moss and unseasonably warm weather, well, we just had ourselves a fine time y'all! I cannot wait for this article to come to fruition, but y'all check out their latest issue and past issues too for your own dose of Dixie- Local Palate style!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Join Me For #GardenChat

On Monday nights, a kindred community of the gardening persuasion meets up on Twitter 
from 9:00--10:00pm EST for a full hour of, well, garden chat!

I'll be hosting the discussion this Monday night, January 21. We'll be talking about old school gardening. Such an honor and a thrill. Hope you can join us!

Here's how it works:

There's more than one way to skin a cat! You can follow along by using the hashtag #gardenchat, or you can follow the Garden Chat account at @TheGardenChat. (I'm @allthingsfarmer if you'd like to follow me too!)

There will be 5 questions pushed out throughout the hour to focus the discussion on the topic of the week. And you just weigh in!

One thing about Garden Chat is that it does go fast, but not to worry! There will be transcripts available online here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Come on down to The Mart if y’all can!

Folks, have you ever shopped in a store before? I bet you have! This Farmer loves to shop – especially learning to shop from the best shoppers I know –  shop owners themselves!

Americasmart is the largest mart in the country and THE SOURCE for, well, just about anything you can think of to feather your nest, deck your hall, clad with couture or simply sport some bling.  I urge you folks to shop local and spend local – these folks who run their mom and pop shops work like a smart gardener works their plot – they plan and harvest from the best sources.

If you want a spring garden full of foxgloves and snapdragons, you’re going to have to plant them and plan for them ahead of time – plant in fall for a splendid spring and plant in spring for a fabulous fall! That’s just what a savvy store owner does – they plan their Market trip so that the very next season’s best offerings are right there on Main Street USA… Or Carroll Street, East Clayton, South College and Magnolia, in the Westside District, Mountain Brook Village, Rodeo Drive, Greenwich Village or Highland Park… depending just what neck of the woods you find yourself.

This will be my second year speaking and signing books at Americasmart in the ATL and I just cannot wait!! I’ll be speaking on A Time to Plant which these shoppers will totally understand – it’s all about planning! I’ll also be cooking up a Southern storm, with recipes from my forthcoming book, A Time to Cook, which will be here this spring!

Come on down to The Mart if y’all can! Plan your garden and plan your shopping so you too can harvest the best! To market, to market this Farmer shall go! To market, to market, jiggity-jig-jig!!!


2:30-3:30 p.m.
Sip and Savor
Presented by James Farmer of James Farmer Designs Taste James’ favorite recipes that combine his grandmother’s traditional dishes and his passion for healthy contemporary taste. Book sale and signing of James’ book Sip & Savor to follow.  Building 2 WestWing, Floor 8 Demonstration Kitchen


2-3 p.m.
A Time to Plant

Presented by James Farmer of James Farmer designs
Whether you garden for food, d├ęcor or your well-being, James will take you through his vision of “garden living” and how it applies to everyday life. Book sale and signing of his book, A Time to Plant, to immediately follow.
Building 2 WestWing, Floor 10 Seminar Room

On Friday evening, I'll be doing an arrangement and picking my favorites in the ROYAL STANDARD SHOWROOM. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

There's so much to love about a new year--and, for this Farmer, it's almost always all about good food shared with the people I love. 

This year, I braised thick cut pork chops with collard greens, chicken stock, and garlic. 

We also made a big ole pot of black eyed peas. 

We've got cornbread in the oven now and we'll finish it off with a ginger molasses cake for dessert. 

From this Farmer's home to yours, Happy New Year! 

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