Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the Kitchen: A Rosemary Tableau - VIDEO

Video by Room Eleven Media

In this video, the Farmer shares about the New Year's meal, Lucky Money Stew.... be sure to check out last year's post for recipe - Lucky Money Stew.


  1. Love the video! Okay - Food Network, are you watching!? I can see a new star!! :)

  2. The Man is Very Wise for his age and i cant believe some Georgia Peach has"nt snatched him up.I hear all you women saying all the good ones are already married. Any way, James im proud of you ,call me I will do a cookin video with you and share some of Daddy's recipes ....RW

  3. Great video! Love your accent. Sure would love the recipe for that Stew!!! Take care and Happy New Year!


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