Monday, October 24, 2011

James Farmer on the Today Show tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Correction: I'm watching now and figuring that the Today Show is not live. Always thought it was live. Shows you what I know. James' appearance will be at 9:43 for everyone.

Hey friends of the Farmer, it's SB here. I'm popping in to inform you that our very own JTF III will be on the TODAY SHOW tomorrow. You read that right. Teasers start at 9:30 am eastern time zone and James' segment will start at 9:43 or 9:44. Don't miss it. This is huge. For you central time zone folks like myself that's 8:43 am.

I will be proudly watching, wearing my yoga pants with my 4th cup of coffee in hand. I've never had a better excuse to sit around and watch the Today Show all. morning. long.

James at Today Show practice this afternoon. Swiped this from his facebook wall.

Go James.
Excited for ya!


  1. This is so awesome, James! Sorry I missed you in Birmingham. LOVE the book!!!

  2. Congratulations! Sorry I am a little late. I hope all went well? Linda x

  3. Wonderful! It was so great to finally connect with you in Atlanta (realizing we have mutual friends from Middle Ga)! Congratulations on the book and the great response!!


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