Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Georgia Sunrise

Here is a SNEAK PEAK at another upcoming book! It’s about drinks, ya’ll! Thought I’d share a bit with my friends… This book will be out Spring 2012!

Upon meeting me, one quickly learns I’m from Georgia and I love peaches. Yet, one fact you may not know upon first meeting me is that I love sunrises too. Sunsets are fabulous and are spellbinding but a sunrise is the start of a new day, the literally dawning of newness and that breaking of nightly silence. Darkness is torn by streams of red, orange, and yellow light, and these colors are caught in a drink I call a Georgia Sunrise.

Sunrises are full of hope and promise and I hope and promise you this drink will surely make the beginning of a new day simply marvelous. Might as well start breakfast with a peach tart as well! The breakfast of champions I’m sure!

3 peaches pitted and sliced into wedges. The skin is fine to leave on but you may peel if desired.
2 cups of peach nectar
1 cup of cranberry juice (pure cranberry or your favorite cranberry mix)
Puree the peaches. Pour nectar and cranberry juice into blender and mix well. Serve chilled or over ice. A new day has broken and celebrate with this sunrise!


  1. Yummy sounding! But alas after scrolling down I found no recipe, You Teaser!

    Your book introduction date is sooo far out!

  2. Very exciting to hear of another book, especially when it involves drinks :)

  3. Your blog is just fabulous! I will be buying your book too! Have a great weekend.

  4. Love your take on "the sunrise." beautiful description. and lovely looking drink. I will have to try!



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