Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Time to Plant and A Time for a Book Tour!

There are those projects in life that fill one’s soul to the brim with anticipation, joy, excitement, and that feeling of “is this really happening?”  Ask any of my childhood friends, my college roommates, my family or anyone who has ever met me and they will all testify that this Farmer boy has been talking about writing a book since he learned to write. It is with the joy of utmost joys that I am thrilled to announce the publishing of my first book, A Time to Plant, Luxurious Garden Living, published by Gibbs Smith Publishing, and due out this September! 

Here is where ya’ll come into play – I need to schedule appearances and book signings all across this great land… will you help me by sending me contacts you know at great stores, museums,  garden clubs, ladies groups, etc etc etc that would be interested in hosting a book signing for their favorite Farmer? The book tour will commence this September proper and I am so excited!

With the release set for September, this Farmer has commenced booking a few garden club lectures, book signings, and other festivities across the South. Of course, retail outlets and book stores will carry the book as well, but it is you, my friends and family, that will make the book successful. A grass roots campaign will launch my book tour into the success I dream it to be and I cannot wait to see and meet many of you out on the road this fall, in between Auburn and SEC football games of course.

Email me your ideas and contacts through my website as you think of them and my PR team will get busy booking. 

From this Farmer’s well spring of delight, I hope each of you will pick up a copy of A Time to Plant this coming September, this fall, or this Holiday season for sure! Preorders can be taken now through as well as very soon. See ya’ll on the book tour!


  1. How exciting! We'll do whatever we can to help!

  2. Congratulations James! You deserve all the success in the world!

  3. I will definitely be buying this book, congratulations. When we were up in the Berkshires in the last few months, the Botanical Society was unbelievable. I bet they would love to have you!!!

  4. I just found your blog and I love it! I can't wait to buy your book and perhaps see you at a signing in the Atlanta area.

    From one GA peach to another...congratulations!



  5. Oh I just thought of something; if you should ever get to Illinois; Champaign, Illinois (home of the Fighting Illini) also has the biggest, loveliest garden center all seasons long--Prairie Gardens--you should contact them--they do numerous things to promote gardners and their lovely grounds/shops are beautiful. You can google Prairie Gardens/Illinois and get some info. Just a thought!

  6. will you be anywhere around ft worth texas?! :)


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