Tuesday, November 17, 2009

History of my Logo: James Farmer Designs

Punica granatum, is the Latin name for pomegranate. Granade, from granatum, is my mother’s maiden name, thus the pomegranate “or apple from Grenada” has adorned my family’s crest for centuries. With the surname of Farmer, it is no surprise that farming tools, such as spades, bring forth classic images and symbols from agrarian trades. I have integrated the two for my own crest and coat, and use the combination for my logo and letterhead.

Pomegranates are exceptionally gorgeous and interesting specimens of flora – from their colors, unusual seeds, their taste and nutrition, to their prominent place in history. From antiquity on, this species has brought beauty, passion, style and sustenance to mankind. Some scholars believe the “Tree of Life” in the Garden of Eden was actually a pomegranate tree. In addition, King Solomon had his temple’s columns adorned with “an intricate bronze network of pomegranates…four hundred… in two rows on the latticework, to cover the bases of the two capitals.” Something about pomegranates’ aura is compelling and calming, and I relish any opportunities to study, use, cook, and decorate with them.

On the other hand, tools, like spades, shovels, rakes, and snips, are man’s accessories to cultivate – to cultivate not only for survival, but to nourish beauty and cherish it. It is at that point, when a gardener with sweat dotted brow or a decorator with thorn stung fingers can step back, acknowledge the beauty they have harnessed or created and realize that beauty, whether natural or nurtured is within grasp.

History and lineage are an integral part of a Southerner’s nature – knowing who your “people” are. I am blessed to literally use both lines of my lineage in my work. Since childhood, I have been passionately enthralled with beauty, its purpose and design, but also its delights and affects on the human spirit. From that stance, I want this site to reflect visions of Southern style, epitomize elegance, and promote a harmonious blend of gardens and homes.


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